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Ralph Grabowski mentioned us in his eZine recently (he didn't check with me for accuracy first). He's interested in learning more and I correspond with him so I'll follow up on that.



  • Very funny article. I disagree with the whole concept he presents, but it is an interesting read non the less.

  • Ralph Grabowski ( https://www.upfrontezine.com/ ) is ready to do a story about OSArch. It'd be nice to do it in a way that reflects we are a community. I guess we could do him, me and maybe one of you who are working on projects firmly rooted in OSArch? That could be the IFC construction planning work, BlenderBIM generally, FreeCAD ... any suggestions for the form we would like for such a story are welcome.

    He starts by saying some of the questions are

    1. What position do you see OSARCH having in the architectural design world -- supporting role, minor player, major actor?
    2. At what point are major software pieces, such as LibreCAD, CodeAster, and LibreDWG?
    3. How is OSARCH funded?
    4. Where does the programming prowess come from?

    Re. 2 I feel like we want to focus on different projects. BlenderBIM, QCAD CE*, Code_Aster ( @Jesusbill agree ?), FreeCAD

    The other questions I feel like any one of us would answer in pretty similar ways.

    • QCAD CE because I just don't see enough movement with LibreCAD and not enough activity to change that situation in the near future. Both Moult and I have tried to help out a bit and it's just hard. QCAD CE is also an interesting example of OpenCore. Is supporting OpenCore projects a problem for anyone?
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    Great! Ralph is wellknown name in CAD industry. He might be a bit sceptical about the whole bim movement (and lack of definition if you ask me..). Would be great to hear some of his thoughts how he sees Blender and FOSS developing in the world and things he knows .

  • Love the questions. FreeCAD definitely should get representation, as the very first FOSS BIM application that I am aware of. Ping @yorik. No problem supporting QCAD CE.

    What's the format and what's the process? Is it an interview? Does he write questions and we write answers? Is it a single essay?

  • How do we broaden the way we present ourselves in this kind of short sound bite so that we don't just look like a 3D CAD/BIM/drafting project?

  • Maybe @marcin_ose can describe how this is more than "let's build a 3D CAD software". The 3D CAD software is a means to the end, but it is not the end :)

  • ... yes I suppose. But OSArch is about the tools not the results - right? So I was more thinking of how we showcase all the things that are not 3D geometry modelling. Like @Cyril with energy modelling, @Jesusbill with FEM, planning ... etc. But I think we should stick to three people if Ralph is interested in doing a video interview.
    Of course it's possible that I'm trying to achieve too much in one interview. We'll reach a wide readership so I want to get it right.

  • @duncan : apologies for not answering until today (although tagging me twice, I know, almost unforgivable :) ).
    I am positive to include Code_Aster and its integration in a structural workflow in the discussion, and it should be clearly stated that Code_Aster is developed by EDF, and we at OSArch are using it for structural purposes.
    I have just now posted a presentation we prepared at Aether Engineering regarding this. However, I think that in the next couple of months we will have sth more presentable and organized for the structural part.

  • Anyone who's interested please check out a draft reply I've written to Ralph. He's not to keen on a 'community Q&A' for now but plans to drop by our next monthly meeting.
    @Jesusbill @Moult @Cyril there are some parts I'd especially like your input to.
    Anyone who want to make an edit go for it. I'll look through the changes and make the needed decisions.

  • @duncan I've reviewed it :) Looks good!

  • It would be good to mention that OSArch is also supported by voluntary work from a community of users (wiki, meetup organisation, forum moderation, etc). Maybe under the question: How is OSARCH funded?

  • For this question: "What position do you see OSARCH having in the architectural design world -- supporting role, minor player, major actor?" - would it make sense to list the current OSArch initiatives that help bring together communities? Like news site, forum, wiki, chatroom, learn.osarch, monthly meetups, social media spreading?

  • @duncan I have no comment. Thanks for your work !

  • @bitacovir @Moult good pointa, I'll work them into the text.
    @moult which universities are you thinking of and what workflows do you know of in commercial use? I know bits of the answer but would love if you could outline it for me.

  • @duncan these: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=IfcOpenShell#Proprietary_projects - in terms of commercial use, I have used free software to design and in workflows at HDR Inc, and in Lendlease. I suspect @dimitar has done the same in his companies. OpeningDesign is already mentioned I believe.

  • @duncan I have added the Code_Aster section, feel free to make any modifications you see most fit and let me know if something is not clear.

  • I've sent him this text: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=User:Duncan/Notes/upfrontezine
    We might rework the text as our own article some time later, but for now it is written for upfrontezine so I would prefer that it doesn't get shared beyond this forum thread.

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