[OSArch] Steering committee meeting notes for Wednesday June 8th

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Steering Committee documents are hosted in the OSArch gitlab repository

Meeting notes for Wednesday June 8th, 1930 UTC

Quick topics

  • Our wiki is so ugly it hurts Duncans eyes.

  • File format for better software directory.

  • Online presence: Duncan suggests we switch everywhere we can to a background based on Ryans image as used on the OSArch Collective front page.

    • We all agree, so that will slowly be implemented. Ioannis / Ryan will write about 300 words about the project first.
  • Update on organisation (Duncan)

Added after the meeting:
Dion wrote this update on OSArch News articles:

  • Drafts written so far
    • Upcoming articles: OpenProject CDE article, Blender-OSM has an upcoming milestone
      Potential articles: any FreeCAD updates? anything new happening with LibreCAD? Godot? Topologic update?
      Subscriber: 2020: 20, 2021: 96, 2022 (so far): 126

Main Topics

  • What "brand name" should we use? (Ioannis)
    • We discussed about "OSArch" being our 'brand' rather than the phrase "Open Source in Architecture". Especially the reference to 'architecture' can be seen as exclusionarry. We agreed to try and use
      "OSArch - Open Source in AEC" instead. It's more inclusive and people who don't know what AEC is might be outside our target group anyway. Duncan will slowly push this change out.

OSArch Open Collective

We discussed some basic ideas for raising funds in two main categories

  • membership
  • projects

Suggestion we have for the forum:

  • Basic member $1 / month
  • Supporting member $10 /month
  • Basic Corporate member $30 / month
  • Supporting Corporate member $100 / month

We tried again to focus on the types of projects we think fit what we're trying to do.

  • Incentivize consolidation. For example bringing smaller projects into single projects. There is a lot of overlap between Blender Add-ons for AEC. If we could pay devs to refactor their projects into a smaller number of better add-ons that would be more sustainable.
  • Time for the first Blender Application (Template)?
  • Topologic into BBIM?
  • Sponser a known developer to scratch an AEC itch. For example have RealThunder & Yorik propose a project fitting some funds we have ready.
  • OpeningDesign could sketch out a proposal for paying someone to document their workflow.
  • Generally support current makers of teaching material, Yassine, Condur/BIMVoice / Dion ...
  • More resources put into 'Learn OpenBIM Workflows' - part of learn.osarch.org starting to document the workflows we already have here https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=AECO_Workflow_Examples some discussion on Twitter Yorik is on board with this being hosted by OSArch (Duncan)
  • Proposal for a small 1-week hackathon between 5 FOSS projects who are already well engaged in OSArch (e.g. BlenderBIM Add-on, FreeCAD, IFC.JS, Topologic, Homemaker, ...?)

We talked about how if we really want to support a specific person generally rather than a project we're part of designing - then maybe encourage people to fund them directly is better. They'd get 10% more money out of it and we save on administration.

Ryan will look into the functions of Open Collective to see if it is suited to funding such projects

Duncan says please help keep the thread on brainstorming projects we'd like to fund alive so people get more involved.

Possible future agenda items

  • discussion on our "market" and how we collaborate with it. (Ioannis/Peter)

Next meeting is hosted by Ioannis. We'll be trying something early morning Chicago time, evening Sydney time, middle of the day in europe during work.



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    @brunopostle @Jesusbill @Moult @CadGiru @brunopostle here are my notes. Comment here for major corrections, otherwise please just edit the notes directly on gitlab.

    Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions! Suggestions for topics for the next meeting should be addressed to @Jesusbill

  • If no-one has any objections to the suggested rates for 'Membership' of OSArch we will look at how to implement it.

    Please remember that although we now have a platform for donations we have not decided how exactly to use it or when to annonce it. So please don't make a big deal about it and start announcing it. The challenge is that they take 10% for administration so if we can supplement possibilities for donation in other ways that might be preferable (liberapay?)

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