IfcConvert: How to split floor plans to individual files?

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I have been testing ifcconvert. I managed to get .svg file out using commands suggested in previous forum post suggested here. The thing is all the storeys are in single .svg file on top of each other. My question is what is the best method to split them to their own file? For example should I split the ifc file itself so that it has only stuff related to single storey or did I miss some parameter which would allow this? I am wondering can I automate this process using ifcopenshell? Also I could probably automate this with solution like simple bim? I want to automate the process as much as possible... Thanks!


  • "Note that in the output SVG file, the elements are already grouped by their containing storey. Since SVG is in fact XML, it is absolutely trivial to write a small (say, Python) script that splits the file into separate files per storey. All it needs to do is copy the top-level to empty xml documents." I found the answer, not super elegant but will work

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