Laserscan as Open data

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Hi all, i am looking for some good examples of laserscan data for testing purposes. Pointclouds are booming business and being used in 'BIM workflows' quite often. Some of these companies provide sample data but it is a blackbox. Only after you signed up and download the gigabyte you will be disappointed about the quality mostly. No previews, descriptions very rarely. The only thing that i can use in a decent marter GIS based .las downloaded from our national database in the Netherlands

I want to start making a small collection of Open Data public scans. If you know any, let me know.

Edit: found one

Excellent video how to get xyz txt to ply and then use in in Blender for doing the BIM thing.



  • I know this thread is about open data sets, but I thought you might like to play with CloudCompare - it is an absolutely fantastic tool, much more powerful can ReCap and heavily used when we have to process point clouds. Blender's point cloud support is fine for smaller data sets, but not quite at the same level as CloudCompare. Meshlab has some good point cloud processing feature too :)

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    I 'played' with CouldCompare for a while. Also Lastools for GIS cloud data. I would like to say these tools have very steep learning curve. Most portential users will drown quickly in them. Do Not ... underestimate the POWER od simplicity" ! (or .. Stupidity :P )

    The fast majority of potential users just are just searching to tools to perform some simple tasks to start with.
    That's what i like about Recap and i suppose that is one of the reasons Autodesk bought it at the time.
    Here a the most important ones, i think

    First question:
    Can i use this tool to convert this data to or from?
    Second question:
    Can i import and view and combine it
    So, always Keep in mind to keep the UI simple people can find this quickly. Avoid an acadamic overkill of specialized names etc.

    And I found a small list of places you can download laserscan data.


    The fileformat RSC which from origine was a closed fileformat for Autodesk was kind of broken open by 'ODA' . I am a typical user of software supporting SEMI-OPEN formats including DWG and RCS. Which brings me to the questions :

    How "Open" are the activities from ODA (Open Design Allicance) in respect to the meaning of true words and description of the FOSS community, and this forum.

  • CloudCompare is quite a complex tool. Perhaps if you describe some common tasks you'd like to achieve, we can write some guides for it on the Wiki?

    From my experience, the ODA, despite the word "Open" in their name, is not open at all if you use the "open-source" and free software definition of open. None of their products are have a free software license, and they do not have transparent community engagement. We are unable to benefit from any of their offerings.

  • This area is where we have worked, because is part of our Facility Management - FM startup
    So if you think about large scale point clouds, have to find for which industries and businesses point cloud data is crucial?

    For instance, check Uber OS projects, you will find some vitally important information about point cloud data:

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