[IFC] Is it possible two connect two ifc entity that are in different ifc files?

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My question is already in the title 😉

What i mean about my question is, for example:
We have a IfcSite 1 and IfcBuilding 1 in an ifc file 1 and we can connect them with IfcRelAggregates, like shown in this buildingSMART image below

So now we have a Ifc file 2 where we have an IfcBuilding 2, the question is can we now connect IfcSite 1 from the first Ifc File with IfcBuilding 2 in the second Ifc file?

If not, where is the limitation, is it in the Ifc Schema or in the STEP Physical Format? Or we don't even want to have connection between files, because the future is something like this BIMserver where the ifc data modell is stored in a database as objects and we can generate from a little dataset on the fly ifc files? -> No reason anymore to have connection between ifc files, because in the database there are all the connection?



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