Does BlenderBIM export product / shape representations correctly ?

Dear OSarch community,
I'm a newbie on Blender BIM / ifcOpenShell. I followed a few quickstart tutorials to get acquainted with the interface, like starting from scratch, creating an IFC project, turning the default cube into an IfcWall, dropping the cube into the spatial tree, and exporting my first IFC project. So far, so good. I then tried to read my first model with a few IFC viewers (, ifcloader.js) that provide visual filters to display/hide objects by product types or spatial entities. Weirdly enough, It seems that object geometries are not affected by the filters. In other words, the cube is still displayed whether I hide my default building or the ifcWall itself. It looks like BlenderBim formats IFC files in a way that BIM viewers don't see the relationship between a given product and its geometry representation. I really need to have my products "filterable" so any help/explanation is warmly welcome!


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