BlenderBIM: nightly from choco

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chocolatey is comfortable to keep software up to date. So do I have Blender and BlenderBIM nightly in my list. But BB-nightly tell me that it can not import the sverchok module. Even if at the Blender Prefs, 1.2.0 version of sverchok is present. (Node:sverchok from sverchok-master).
Would be cool if all add-ons could be updated with choco.. or like sverchok has in the blender-prefs, some update button.



  • Ping @fbpyr this is your area :)

  • @Moult : thank you for the pings (here & matrix) . (-:
    @lukas :
    "Would be cool if all add-ons could be updated with choco.. " I absolutely agree! (-:
    I do not know much about sverchok, but I assume it works as a separate blender addon?
    If so, I would guess the logic of blenderbim-nightly choco:
    could be used as blueprint to create a sverchok choco package:
    as blenderbim-nightly choco package just has the mechanics to
    install (dowload just latest blenderbim build from github, check sha, unzip)
    and activate blenderbim addon, while it requires latest blender as dependency
    from choco, so choco actually ensures latest blender choco package is installed.
    for sverchok the same should be feasible.

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