Difficulties export 2D SVG from imported IFC model

I tried to export a 2D floorplan in svg with BBIM with no luck.
Annotation will export, but the view camera wont cut any geometry.
Am I missing something here? :D


  • Did you try with a simple file to see how it works and to make sure your system works as expected? Can you share your file?

  • Yes. When I create a new IFC project i Blender and draw walls and doors, it works.
    I have also tried it on two different systems, PC and Mac.
    Annotations will export tough...

  • if you can't share the file, can you share a parred down version of it?

  • Just a guess here but possibly your model is not correctly georeferenced, I don't think we've yet accommodated incorrectly georeferenced models. Can you screenshot the IFC Geometry > IFC Georeferencing panel in the scene properties?

  • edited March 13

    Sorry guys, been very busy :D
    Her you go:

    • IFC2X3
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