BlenderBIM Spatial tool

I love the new Spatial tool in BlenderBIM but there are some major limitations that I wonder if they could be solved:
1. Generation of IfcSpaces are based upon walls. Often the models I have consists out of curtain wall systems (mullions and IfcPlates) with no walls and I wonder if these could be used as well. Columns could also be bounding but quite often I would like them not to be room bounding.
2. It would be very useful if IfcSpaces could extend up to sloping roofs/slabs instead of just being prismatic.
3. Often my models are not fully closed by walls, especially internal walls are often missing so it would be nice to have some temporarily object like Revit room separation lines to help BlenderBIM determine IfcSPaces.



  • Hi @Max it may not be very automated, but I found an ordinary Blender cube if defined as an IfcSpace and edited in Edit mode seems to provide accurate quantities

  • Thanks @Nigel , that is great news. I guess I am still stuck with the problem of editing these geometries in an automatic and efficient way. I have tried extending the cubes to bounding objects using ray casting and inflating but with little success.

  • @Max i suggest you to file 3 different github issues in order to better follow the developing ...
    About columns, at the moment it's possible to select also the IfcColumns in order to create the space geometry, so, right now, the IfcColumn would be intended as bounding geometry ... if it's not necessary to use the IfcColumn as bounding geometry, it's always possible to don't select the IfcColumn and select only the walls ...

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

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