[BlenderBIM] Element Join

I am using the BlenderBIM for QTO. However, it seems that the volume will not be deducted when the elements are overlapped. It will over-measure the volumes of the elements
Actually, is there a function for element join and switch the join order between the elements?


  • @QS_Contractor hi, where do you find the volume you are talking about?
    Also, can you share a picture about it?
    Thanks, it would help to find the right answer...

  • I create a column and a slab with a total volume 0.35m3

    When I try to overlap them, the total volume remains unchanged. The correct result should be less than 0.35m3

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    Unfortunately i don't think this is possible, yet.
    Would be nice if you could use one object and bim.add_opening to another object. Similar to how windows automatically apply a void in a wall.

  • Yeah at the moment, the "quantity take off" method and the "calculate quantities" method doesn't consider the overlapping geometry so one method could be that one suggested by @theoryshaw .
    You can btw create your own with a bit of python knowledge :-)

  • Is there any Python API for BlenderBIM?

  • @QS_Contractor sure thing! :-) https://blenderbim.org/docs-python/autoapi/index.html there is a list of all api functions...
    But, in general, you can create what you want with python in bbim...

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