Operator Error or Bug?

edited September 2023 in General

Is this report error message telling me I am doing it wrong or is it a bug message? I don't know the difference yet.

I am assuming if it is a bug I should post it on the GitHub\IFCOpenShell\Issues ?


  • Sure, you can report it it to issues but please attach more detailed description and file example to reproduce the problem, now it's hard to tell what causes it. Looks like some kind of invalid file problem though.

  • thanks @Andrej730
    I will review how others post their issues to get a better idea how that process works. I get the feeling it could be related to missing .py files. I am still finding my way around folder structures and locations. I will dig a little deeper on that topic before posting.

  • At a glance it looks as though you are trying to run the merge project patch but you haven't specified an argument which includes a filepath to an IFC model. You need to fill out the argument field with something like this ["/path/to/another.ifc"]

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