Can BlenderBIM export to gbXML format?

I've installed the BlenberBIM addon and imported an .ifc file. Is it possible to export this to a gbXML file format?


  • Not yet. You might be interested by these topics :

  • @raheal_m the short answer is "not yet".

    The longer answer is that there are two approaches: IFC->gbXML, or gbXML directly. For the latter approach, there is a highly experimental script available which takes selected Blender objects and exports them into gbXML spaces. I have successfully used this script to bring geometry into proprietary energy analysis software like IES. See here:

    If you are experienced in gbXML, if you can create some sample gbXML files and say "please make sure the BlenderBIM Add-on is capable of X, Y, Z", then we can help build it. But in the process you may need to be comfortable trying out alpha quality software :)

  • M.G. Maarten Vischers, July 2016, Uni Eindhoven
    Master Thesis Construction Management and Engineering, A conversion from the ifc file format to a validated gbXML file format.

  • @lukas awesome! I've reached out to @aothms - who seems to have been guiding that research, to see if it can be made open source and distributed as part of IfcOpenShell.

    ... then all we'd have to do is add more space boundary support!

  • add more space boundary support

    Yes that's the thing. I'm very pessimistic that space boundaries are currently in a usable state. But if somebody wants to have a go at implementing it in IfcOpenShell I'm perfectly fine with it of course. It's a bit of chicken and egg problem after all with space boundaries, if nobody is using them... we need to inquire about the license though or reimplement (I doubt it'd be a major effort, it just dumps 2nd level space boundaries to XML, I don't think the code in its current form is very production ready)

  • Thanks all for the advice!

  • There's a lot of articles about gbXML and its accuracy, and I'm sure Thomas @aothms clearly knows the pros and cons
    Also, don't remember that the industry is going to drop gbXML, this is why ASHRAE supports "Modelica"
    However, an accurate tool that generates space boundaries correctly would be desired

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