Making Custom Property Sets applicable to a specific userdefined sub-type

After a quick search in the forum, I did not find the answer, so I hope I did not overlook something obvious.

Is it possible to make Custom Property Sets available to a specific Userdefined Subtype? I know that in the field "Applicable Entity", I can enter for example IfcExampleClass/PREDEFINED to make it available to all Objects with that Predefined type, but what would the syntax be to make that Property Set Template available to a USERDEFINED Object Type? Or is that not possible? I tried things like IfcExampleClass/USERDEFINED*Exampletype and IfcExampleClass[Exampletype] without luck.
Having it applicable to all Userdefined sub-types is nice and all, but being able to make it applicable to only one sub-type would be even nicer.


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