Move XYZ with accurate values

How can i use values in Blender for a translation as a 'one line input' like in 'CAD style'?


  • Are you talking about python api or just placing objects in blender in general?
    Perhaps this could help -

  • I'm talking about the transformation from local point to LCS. The dutch coordinat system
    It messes with my units as well. For some reason it think i'm working in km/m in stead of m/mm
    It's kind of difficult getting a grip on Blender for controling object placement.

  • I would strongly suggest you use the Georeferencing module for this kind of operation. Blender is not a regular CAD software and it doesn't handle very high coordinates. You should try to stay within 1000 units from the origin or else you will start seeing weird deformations in your mesh.

    These look like they are coordinates from a known coordinate system. Ask your surveyor which one it is and fill the information in.

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