FOSS Web-based apps

I open this topic for those who want to work on web-based solutions and topics related to web apps, like:

  • HTML
  • CSS and SVG and Canvas and DOM
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • WebAssembly (WASM) and (C#, C++, Java)
  • WebGL, WebGPU, ...
  • WebRTC

And some related topics like Node Modules (Node.js, React, ...) and Web Components (LITElements), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), ...


  • While w3schools has nice tutorials (I also started to learn web development from them), after learning the basics I recommend mdn (Mozilla Developer Network) instead.

    • It's developed by Mozilla, not some fishy company
    • Less tracking and no ads on mdn
    • W3schools was quite outdated in the past, nowadays it's better:
    • In some cases I found mdn's documentation more complete than w3schools

    The mdn can be confusing at first, but after you figure out where to look up things it will be easy to navigate. It has some tutorials, but the references are the best places:

    If you search for a command or selector, etc the two top results will be w3schools and mdn. Simply select the mdn result :)

  • @infeeeee I'm in a Mozilla group for a long time, and we discuss about many things regularly
    I know that Google is not interesting for some, and doesn't have a real open source community, but they do better than Mozilla
    For instance, recently Mozilla had to close some of its projects because Google's solutions like V8 was better

  • @ReD_CoDE No, mozilla had to close offices because of financial reasons. The performance of google's js engine maybe a bit better, but not by far: e.g. in sunspider js benchmark it doesn't perform better:

    I don't even know why you mentioned google and chrome, I was just speaking about mdn which is documentation vs w3schools (not affiliated with google) another documentation

  • edited September 10

    @infeeeee you're totally right, I could not mention Google, when both of us shared some links to MDN website, as a great source that holds all useful information about web standards

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