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IDS Specification: Only specific parameters must be presented within a Pset

Hi, for some time I've been developing automatisms in Python that create specific rules for me through ids files to be subsequently validated in Solibri. Doing some tests I was unable to make a specification work: I want only a list of parameters to be allowed within a specific pset, if there is one that is not allowed it must return the error.
until now I have set the specification like this via restriction in Regex, what am I doing wrong?

in the case shown in the image, even if a parameter named param_04 appears in that specific pset it does not return the error.



  • I might be wrong but maybe you should try something like this:

           <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
              <xs:enumeration value="Param01" />
              <xs:enumeration value="Param02" />
              <xs:enumeration value="Param03" />

    I cannot try to check 'cause i've issues with blender IfcTester maybe due to my experiments with files.
    Hope it helps

  • tried but it doesn't work, maybe because the requirement is satisfied for the other parameters present that are contained in the list.
    thats how i created in python the series of enumerations in a loop:

    the result:

    I tried inserting parameters that were not in that list in the specified pset and I don't get the error with ids checker of Solibri :(

  • Unfortunately that regex is likely not allowed in XML :( XML's regex patterns are pretty simple and lack these kind of negative lookahead patterns.

    There's a really ugly hack you can do: [ALPQV][laueo][trnsol][egotu][zham]?[ze ]?... and so on. I feel dirty for even suggesting it :)

  • Got It , I'll settle for trying to control the number of parameters inside the pset, and check in another specification that there is the single parameter in that pset

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