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BlenderBIM Blender 4.1 compatibility?

I'm in the process of checking Blender 4.1 whether all my addons load and run correctly.
With BlenderBIM, I'm encountering issues (sorry, I couldn't find a way to copy the error message):

At the end of the error message it says
ImportError: IfcOpenShell not built for windows\64bit\python3.11
Should I open an issue for this on the IfcOpenShell Github or am I doing something wrong?
I'm following the usual installation steps for BlenderBIM 0.0.231104 which works fine with Blender 4.0.



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    Hello ! You need the Python v3.11 version if you're going to use Blender V4.1. Check for the archives finishing with "py311" then your os (mac, windows, linux)


    Edit : oops my bad, you need to wait for the next official release for Blender V4.1 as there has been breaking changes, like the python version. Or you can try using the dev release but it's more experimental than usual and you need a bit of tech savviness to install it properly.

  • We'll do another stable release on Tuesday with the Py11 version on the main website. We've already got a few of these reports :)

  • Thanks, @Moult, I'm looking forward to it!

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