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Fragmentation of geometry after IFC join

When i try to 'join' some vanilla geometry to an IFC object, i get a strange fragmentation in the geometry when i tab into the object. Anyone have any ideas how to fix?
video: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/er6torzzn7zal5r8ntptq/2024-04-02_21-55-44_CarnacKeyShowViewCarnac.mp4?rlkey=ljt0ip0h8jsyt88zg46g7hd5a&dl=0

I attached the vanilla geometry, if curious.


  • Haha my first guess is this case wasn't considered. We have vanilla join to join vanilla objects and ifc join to join ifc objects, but I don't know if vanilla and ifc join is supported. Quick workaround I think is to set up a dummy element definition to the vanilla object before joining it to the ifc one ? Cheerd

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