Speckle Community Standup

Hey there! I thought cross posting here might be useful: we're attempting an informal "community standup" slash "speckle open office" hour next week, and we'd welcome any of you like minds to join! We've got a doodle poll running here.

There's no agenda and no preparation :) We might try running these things semi-regularly, based on what how the first one goes. If there are specific discussion points, I'd be happy to tally them up - just let rip.



  • @dimitrie very cool! By the way, did you know that OSArch has a monthly meetup where we do kinda the same thing? Maybe it'll be worth joining / semi-combining?

  • @Moult, no I didn't know! I'll google it... For sure would be great to engage there too - I'll try and make it to the next one, as it seems we've just missed the September one.
    (PS: found this spreadsheet, hope this is the correct place to find it)

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