MicroMVDs and FreeCAD

Because the official buildingSMART MVDs aren't granular enough for projects, I've been developing MicroMVDs: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=Using_MicroMVDs_for_exchange_requirements - effectively they are unit tests for BIM data exchange requirements, written in natural language syntax but can be automatically tested.

The following seven MicroMVDs are stable, and at work are including them in BIM contractual documents.

I've filled out what I can for FreeCAD, but there are some errors. Ping @yorik @bernd @vocx etc - can we get these fixed, and can you help fill out the remainder in the software guides table?

Graphisoft has reached out to see if they can improve their score, so it'd be good if we can showcase the quality of FOSS in data exchange :)



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