Is it possible to add an EPset value to "bulk" selected elemets?

I am using BB 240510.
I would like to "bulk" add the “EPSet_Status” to each element in my model.
When selecting a number of elements and adding the “EPSet_Status” option to the selected elements it give the option to add the “EPSet_Status” then when deselect the elements and selecting one element the “EPSet_Status” value is lost. (Only the orinal selected element is allocated with the "EPSet_Status" value).

I also tried, “Costing and Scheduling” with the “Status” option to select all “No Status” elements and then going to “Object Information” the “EPSet_Status” is not a selectable.

Can somebody show how a “EPSet_Status” can be added in “bulk” by selecting a number of elements at once?
Thanks in advance


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