[blender bim] linking ifc file inside converted ifc

i made 2 files that converted from revit. due to come condition i cannot convert it to ifc 4 so i only can converted it to 2x3.

first i open new fresh page of my blender bim. i linked these 2 files with false origin resulting that it was properly placed.

but on the second when i try opened one of the ifc files (i need to open the files since i was editing that files meanwhile the other only for referenced of other discipline), it was not correctly placed.

another condition is ; these 2 files have different units. meter & milimeter

this is condition when i make new fresh page in blender bim, and linked these 2. it properly placed
/community.osarch.org/uploads/editor/ep/k3wu3dr0kkmk.png "")

and this is when i opened ifc files and linked the other one inside this file

this is the first file georeference

and this is the second

maybe you will see these 2 georeference different, but when i linked using new fresh blender bim page why it was correctly placed i don't know. so for now i don't know what should i do to correcting those modelwhile i can opened and edit one of those files. anyone can help me?


  • In the last stable release, if you open a model, it will not only auto detect a false origin, it will also auto detect a project north. However, linking only can handle false origins, not rotations for project north. This is why your opened model is orthogonal and the linked model is not, and so they don't line up.

    This has already been fixed in the latest unstable version and will be available in the next release. Now both opening and linking can handle rotations.

  • ah so it will be available in the next release, thank you moult !

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