Mindmap to lay out the land regarding architecture software

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Last few days has been fascinating. I enjoyed looking at the work of @brunopostle on HomeMaker and understood what it was about. I have partially understood Topologic.app too but needs more study.

I have been working on my own approach for quite some years and so it was refreshing to see the output of what was earlier discussed in conferences like ecaade and Caadria etc actually being used. I have a lot to learn, use and possibly incorporate into my own work (TAD www.teamtad.com) I am exploring the steps I need to take to get my work to open source, and so all this is quite helpful.

I noticed that several people are working on several different approaches to solve problems of architects; and I realized that I needed an overview of what all points are emerging. I created this mindmap to start laying out all the pertinent aspects that can help guide these various approaches. The mind map is here: https://mind42.com/public/1f3c8e84-6d6a-4c78-8d70-46d4e993b104

Here is a video (around half an hour or so long ) that explains the mindmap.

Those interested can email me at sabu@teamtad.com and provide some links to convince me of their interest in this subject; and I will make you a collaborator on this mindmap. Hope this "living" mind map will put many different points together at one place; over time. The mindmap also allows placing notes, icon; etc so over time it should be a useful document.




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