Strange geometry


I don't know if this is the correct way of communicating these types of issues, but here I go :)

I started experimenting on BlenderBIM with my actuall project. In fact I was looking for a mistake in the IFC Structure to solve a problem of component relation. When the IFC is opened in BlenderBIM it shows strange opening elements that are to be found only in BlenderBIM. I also use the GeoemtryGym, but they are not listed there.

Otherwise the representation of the model is great.


  • Those indeed look like opening elements - they are usually invisible elements that "boolean" or create voids in other elements. The latest version of the BlenderBIM Add-on does not import them by default as most people don't necessarily need to see them, however there is an import option to enable them. Most other BIM programs don't show them at all.

    If you'd like me to take a closer look, feel free to send me an IFC file ( - I promise I will not share your IFC file and only use it for the purposes of inspecting your issue.

  • Hi Dion,

    as usual, because of the project sensitivity I am not allowed to share it. I have written also to our consultant to identify this "Problem" from his side...

    Nonetheless I have installed the newest version of the Add-On, and not I cannot even import the IFC modell. Am I such a rookie?

  • Hi Agron @agron, did you restart Blender after deleting the old one, or after installing new one?

  • Can you recreate the problem in a IFC file as example? A file that you can share with Dion.

  • That bug in the latest version of the BlenderBIM Add-on was recently fixed a couple days ago.

    Either you can wait for the next release, or download the file from here and replace the file in your installation. Then it will work.

  • I will try to deliver maybe a simplified file od this IFC with the openings.

    I think I will wait for the update ;)

  • @agron by the way the latest release should fix your problem :)

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