IFC and input data for facility management

Hello everybody, my question is about IFC and facility management.
I read that is not always necessary, in a IFC file, to store geometric informations and it would be awesome if there would be a method to store useful building informations for facility management in IFC format (ex. rooms area, doors, windows, fire extinguishers, etc...) but without actually drawing the entire building in a 3d model.
So, the question: is it possibile to input building data in IFC format without necessarly drawing it in a 3d model?
Thanks in advance for answers.


  • @Massimo good question. The BlenderBIM Add-on actually used to support re-exporting IFC data without any geometry. You can actually build a full IFC model in the BlenderBIM Add-on without any geometry at all - just use empty objects! Keep in mind that when I say no geometry, I mean no representations. It is often useful for facility management to still have object coordinates and some COBie requirements also require basic bounding boxes. So indeed, you can use the BlenderBIM Add-on for this purpose. This would be a fantastic video (ping @condur) to demonstrate.

    I should build a feature that lets you omit the coordinates too, to make it purely data-only.

    There is also IFCCSV which can help extract and bulk edit IFC data without considering geometry, but I'd call it an editor, not an authoring tool.

  • @Moult , is there a possibility to add non-geometric data such as, for example, of the IFCTASK class or cost data such as that of the Ifccostitem class?

  • @c4rlosdias unfortunately no, they are not yet supported. It has been on the todo list for a while. Note that however the BlenderBIM Add-on will preserve them if they do exist (most other BIM platforms will purge this data when you import the IFCs - not so for the BlenderBIM Add-on).

  • BACnet is OK? I recently read some papers on BACnet and IFC data exchange, and I can send them to you if you need. But I always believe that there is a gap between academic papers and the construction industry

  • @shanmama i thought BACnet was a communication protocol for building automation...but if you have something new, i would be happy to read it!

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