Clearance clash

Hi everybody,
i'm going to switch to blenderbim in the immediate future. Thank for your passion. My question is: is it possible to do clearance clash too in blender bim? Thanks for answering



  • Unfortunately it is not yet possible to do this, I believe. I know that @vinnividivicci and fbpyr has been hacking on the IfcClash module - I think fcl can support clearance clashes using broadphase distance checking. Would either of you be interested in having a go at implementing this?

  • hi @Bimlooser , as @Moult pointed out, there are currently no built-in buttons in blenderbim, to do clearance clash. under the hood however, there are powerful tools ( like the CollisionManager from the collision module ) that can be used to perform clash detection of all kinds (I had written an add-on (BB-pre-refactor) that uses these, to check intersections of engineering pipes/ducts/traces vs. IfcProvisionForVoids). so depending on your setup it should be possible to also build logic, that checks collisions with clearance sub-objects (let's assume you have some machinery and their maintenance clearance area is blocked out by some boxes). hope I understood the question correctly. (-:

  • @fbpyr by the way, I believe the term "clearance" clash refers specifically to this definition in Navisworks. In other words, it is a distance check, not reliant on generated clearance geometry.

  • I see. @Moult thanks for link and explanation! (-:
    well then it even depends more on the objects to be clashed.
    a similar situation was, where we had voids in a building and wanted to know between which rooms they are located:
    so I made extended (x and y 30mm bigger) proxy objects to ensure a clash with existing rooms even with less precisely modeled voids.
    this might be something one could use to potentially do the aforementioned navisworks clearance clash.

  • Got it, i was referring to Navisworks definition. Thanks for the workaround, maybe could be something to improve for the future. Thanks for answering

  • In process piping models it is quite common to use the terminology Soft Clash. A soft clash could be access volume needed for maintenance, or need volume for travel/movement of equipment. These volumes are often modeled as 'soft volumes'

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