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We have an FEM of a bridge and would like to convert this in some way to a BIM. Preferably using some OS solution with an open data format. I'd be very happy to use the (still) experimental IFC4.3 / IFC Bridge as open data format in combination with the BlenderBIM add-on, but I don't think that is possible yet, as IfcOpenShell only supports IFC2x3 & IFC4.

Is there somebody that is working / worked on something similar or wishes to do the same? Maybe somebody has suggestions on what software to use? I don't think anything supports IFC4.3 yet does it? I was also thinking using CityJSON with a self-made bridge extension, based on the CityGML Bridge ADE. Wouldn't exactly qualify as BIM, but would be fit for the purpose of providing a range of end users (with and without expertise) information. And would make for a nice research :)


  • Actually ifcopenshell does support 4.3, I just haven't gotten around to making it easy for users to enable.

    I'll add it to the never ending todo list :)

  • Aha that is perfect. It's not on the IfcOpenShell github so that's why I figured.
    I guess the best way is to model in BlenderBIM in IFC4 and then use IfcOpenShell to convert to IFC4.3? And then use some proxy for the elements that will be converted to the bridge elements using IfcOpenShell!

  • Actually if we do this right I think you can author natively in 4.3. But I need to check.

  • I know it's a looong to do list, but is there any progress on this?

  • Sorry @tobenz for the delay. The latest commit (and the past few fixed bugs) means that we can now load express files at runtime. Essentially, any custom IFC schema you want, even something you've made up yourself, you can load in and create an IFC project with it.

    This includes the Git versions of IFC4X3.

    There will be a few bugs to iron out, and right now users need to compile IfcOpenShell themselves to take advantage of it, but it's almost here and should be available in the next public stable release.

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