How to extract the property sets from IFC file

I have two questions regarding the attached IFC file.
1) How to extract all the property sets from IFC file?
The code I tried is
import ifcopenshell.util
import ifcopenshell.util.element
ifc_file = file)
products = ifc_file.by_type('IfcFlowSegment')[0]
line1= ifcopenshell.util.element.get_psets(products)
print (line1)
The output
{'12d Model': {'Geometry': {'id': 60, 'type': 'IfcComplexProperty', 'Name': 'Geometry', 'Description': '12d_attribute_group', 'UsageName': None, 'properties': {'Justification': 'Obvert', 'Start x': 51931.177, 'Start y': 158115.545, 'Start z': 3.403, 'End x': 51923.207, 'End y': 158110.611, 'End z': 3.656}}, 'PUP': {'id': 68, 'type': 'IfcComplexProperty', 'Name': 'PUP', 'Description': '12d_attribute_group', 'UsageName': None, 'properties': {'ID': 'SBCP-L181120-00011025', 'Owner': 'BCC', 'Description': 'PIPE', 'Creator': 'B+B', 'Creation Date': '20181126', 'Creation Source': 'SURVEY', 'AS 4588 Quality': 'B', 'Comment': 'nc', 'Material': 'STEEL'}}, 'Label': {'id': 78, 'type': 'IfcComplexProperty', 'Name': 'Label', 'Description': '12d_attribute_group', 'UsageName': None, 'properties': {'PipeSize': 'Ø100'}}}}
How can I Iterate so that all the property sets are extracted?
2) How can I get the properties in the above output into a dataframe?


  • The code you've written already extracts all the property sets. I guess your question is how to iterate through the dictionary. Try this (untested):

    psets = ifcopenshell.util.element.get_psets(products)
    def print_properties(properties):
        for name, value in properties.items():
            if isinstance(value, dict):
                print(name, 'Complex')
                print(name, value)
    for name, properties in psets.items():
        print('Pset Name', name)

    From this, hopefully you can work out how to get it into data frames.

  • I tried the above code
    Below is the error message I got:
    failed to load properties: 'list' object has no attribute 'is_a'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\Shilpa\anaconda3\envs\myenv\lib\site-packages\ifcopenshell\util\", line 4, in get_psets
    if element.is_a("IfcTypeObject"):
    AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'is_a'

    It worked when I gave the index value [0]

    products = ifc_file.by_type('IfcFlowSegment')[0]
    psets = ifcopenshell.util.element.get_psets(products)

    How can I iterate through the file and extract all the property sets?

  • I could iterate using the for loop
    Thanks for sharing the code.

  • Cheers, glad you got it resolved!

  • Dear Moult and Shilpa, I have tried the codes above on IfcWall and IfcSlab (using an IFC2x3 model). I only get an error message. Please help.
    Below is my screen shot.

  • I used this IFC model

  • get_pset() expects a single element and got a list of walls. Try to get a sigle wall with something like ´get_psets(my_walls[0])´ or a loop.

  • I am grateful for the help
    After reading through the
    I was able to at least use the sample code to extract the wall pset as dictionary.

    1 These are the imports I am using

    import ifcopenshell
    import ifcopenshell.util
    from ifcopenshell.util.selector import Selector
    from ifcopenshell import util
    import ifcopenshell.util.pset
    import ifcopenshell.util.element
    import pandas as pd

    2 The IFC file I am using as attached

    ifc ='Duplex3.ifc')
    selector = Selector()

    3 The walls and slab using the by_type function

    walls = ifc.by_type('IfcWall')
    slabs = ifc.by_type('IfcSlab')

    4 The iterations for the psets I did.

    for wall in my_walls:
    wall_details = wall.get_info()
    for wall in walls:
    pset_wall = ifcopenshell.util.element.get_psets(wall)

    NOTE: I am trying to extract the quantities of Walls and Slabs and place them in a dataframe.
    I want these to have their GUID.
    I would also like to group all the Walls external walls based on their Cardinal points (south, north, etc)
    once again thank you for your anticipated responses.

  • @Shilpa said:

    I could iterate using the for loop
    Thanks for sharing the code.

    @Shilpa please kindly assist me.

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