BlenderBIM: Python console

I played around with the python console and blenderbim / ifcopenshell libraries, however, I cannot manipulate the current IfcProject for some reason. When I add some objects they do not show up in the scene. Do I miss anything here? Any transactions that I have to take into account?


  • You can get the currently loaded IFC dataset by doing:

    from blenderbim.bim.ifc import IfcStore
    ifc_data = IfcStore.get_file()

    If you modify data there, you can refresh the Blender UI to re-read IFC data by doing:


    If you add new objects, they definitely will not show up in the Blender scene. Currently there is no straightforward way to do this in a few lines of code. In the future, there will be, as we build features for more robust and controlled partial loading and reloading IFCs.

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