Augmented Reality / Blender

I was wondering if anyone has experimented within Blender with Augmented Reality. I would be interested in something simple like seeing a building model with roof hidden, or decomposed by level. Is there an open source workflow for this?


  • I find lots of information on the internet with a quick search. What specifically is getting in the way of your success? I'm assuming here that your already a competent Blender user (I'm not) so hiding objects and doing cutaways is no problem.

  • Not really open source, but Augin ( has an integration with the BlenderBIM Add-on. AR is pretty common, but the ability to register scale and orientation on site is what makes it specific to AEC. Augin is closed freeware, but they use IfcOpenShell under the hood and have been huge supporters and contributors back to the open codebase. I highly recommend checking them out.

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