Building IfcOpenShell on a Mac

I was going to take a stab at building IfcOpenShell from source on a Mac, but just wanted to check if anyone else has done this. On a quick glance, I've already found I'll need to find some alternate sources to build the dependencies (it doesn't look like all of them are on homebrew), so I was just curious if this has been done successfully before.


  • @mclare you're probably already aware that there are bot builds available for Mac (except for the arm chips) and have other reasons for wanting to build on a mac (contributing, perhaps? :) ) But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

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    Yep @Moult , I was trying to build for contributing, but ran into a snag at the tail end with my favorite compilation error: undefined symbol for architecture x86_64, which is happening when linking IfcConvert and `IfcGeomServer. I might not have the correct boost libraries installed (I've got whatever's the latest from brew, which is v1.76.0).

    I'm stumped on how I need to change the order of the build to get around the errors I'm getting here:

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