I open this topic to request features for tools we develop together, like BlenderBIM, FreeCAD, IFC2CA, etc
Talk about the feature you suggest and tag the responsible person for that tool



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    For the start, I think BlenderBIM needs to focus more on automation and control aspects, so workflows be less manual, for this reason I suggest some ideas and features that we can develop after or beside the current roadmap Dion @Moult has:
    1. BlenderBIM generates tree automatically for nD purposes, like 4D, 5D, etc (this is the start point and opens a new door)
    2. Add pandas to Blender/BlenderBIM
    3. IfcXtreme could be a visual programming platform for IfcOpenShell (this is optional because is my personal project)
    4. A website to choose tools based on criteria, needs metadata/labels to classify tools

  • I am interested in IFC.JSON

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