Any ArchiCAD and Github users here?

Anyone know ArchiCAD, IFC, & Github pretty well?
If so, any interest to roundtrip the file circled below? And then push the resultant .PLN and .IFC files?
We are testing how certain objects roundtrip through various BIM programs.


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    Hi, I'm Iso and I'm an Archicad user and now I'm learning and experimenting with exporting IFC from Archicad and importing it into Blender. If I can help you with anything please tell me! (I'm an architect so I don't have any knowledge with github or scripts but I can learn)

  • @archiiso What we are trying ATM is to test the above file(s) on different platforms to see if they give the expected results. You could try with 1) open the Extrusions_02_PASSED.ifc file in ArchiCAD (see the link @theoryshaw provided in the first post) and check that it looks like the reference image, and that the extrusions are editable and the rectangular base shapes too, and if yes, 2) save that file as .pln, and reexport it to IFC, try to open that new IFC file in an IFC viewer app like and check that it all looks correct. If we get there, then it would be cool if you could create yourself a github account and upload both files to the above repo, we can explain you how to do that then.

  • Yes, what @yorik said! Sorry for the delay, it's been a crazy week.
    When working with github, I would recommend using the client. It's the most user friendly.
    Lots of tutorials out there:

  • Ok, I'll do that @yorik @theoryshaw, and afterward I'll update the files or in case tell you what errors I've found.

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    @archiiso let me know your github username, i'll give you push privileges.
    Also, please update the following Markdown file with your results:
    My favorite markdown editor is:

  • My username on github is the same.
    I imported the Extrusions_02_PASS.ifc into Archicad and this is the feedback:
    1. I am able to move, rotate, mirror, do solid operations in 2D and 3D.
    2. I met some problems when I've tried to change the elevation of the object. I changed from 7.9 to 8, the value remained the same but
    the shape changed, the last one (3) I changed the value from 6.9 to 5 and it changed the position (see the pictures).
    3. Neither in 2D or 3D I am not able to change the dimensions of the objects.
    4. About painting, I am not able to select individual faces (as for example the slabs, idk if it's possible but I m just raising the
    Should I proceed to step 2? @theoryshaw

  • That's really interesting! One maybe intermediary step could be to model yourself, directly in ArchiCAD, 3 shapes like in the IFC file, then export that to an IFC file, and see if there is any difference when reimporting. If yes, then we can look at what's different between the two IFC files.

  • Agree with @yorik
    @archiiso I gave you push privileges, if Yorik hasn't done it yet.

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    I uploaded the files in the folder of extrusions, with the name Extrusions Archicad and an image named IFC export settings.
    I used the general ifc translator from Archicad, and the volumes from top to bottom are: mesh, rotated beam and slab.

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