Material & Product

Maybe someday bSI works on materials, but for them, the material and many other things are out of their scope
I saw on bSI forum (they muted me for forever) that @Moult is wishing IfcMaterial becomes rooted, then bSI has to repeat the process they did on IfcProduct, and IFC schema expands

bSI goes the wrong way with this structure, maybe in the future when they migrated to APIs change their way but until IFC has this schema structure (data-model) nothing will improve


  • For IfcMaterial to be rooted, it simply inherits from ifcRoot. This does not mean it needs to inherit from IfcProduct or have any of the complexities of IfcProduct. It in fact, almost rooted - it just needs a GlobalId and an OwnerHistory.

  • @Moult there're a lot of things to talk about, I shared all of them during this one year I was on bSI forum
    1. Data-modeling paradigm: They today talk about reducing relationships WHEN they don't want to change the data model, but constantly talk about "modularity"
    Modularity means you think "MODEL-BASED" or "DATA-DRIVEN", ... but they don't want to change the structure of IFC, they just want to use UML to show specs
    This is why today STEP AP242 is model-based, but bSI doesn't want to go the same way STEP AP242 community went
    2. GUID or Namespace?
    I shared some resources on bSI forum that was showing that some companies like Pixar in USD dropped GUID
    When IFC starts to cover infrastructure too, it means that the scene becomes even more complex than before, so do you think GUID would be a good choice to manage scenes?
    3. You know many like you, and I and some others tried to expand IfcMaterial in IfcSchema, but they don't care because they want IFC always be the second choice after some closed file formats and even some plugins that integrate software
    4. IFC is so small schema, it's too small for today needs
    5. As you know we both agree about IfcMaterial, however, after some researches, I found that what the industry calls material is different than what am I call material, even those who know LCA, LCC, ..., which are bases of Circular Economy, this is why I started to work on MaterialPass and ProductPass.
    However, even IFC improves a little bit in this way I will be happy
    6, 7, 8, ... there're other important considerations, but I think these are enough

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