IfcName vs IfcLongName

Hi, when working with IfcBuildingStorey som software puts the storey name in IfcName while others put it in IfcLongName. Some put storey number in IfcName....(why no IfcStoreyName/-Number?). What is the correct way or are both was ok worka rounds?


  • The Name stores a short code, label, or tag usually used to uniquely identify the object on technical drawings, schedules, and so on. The LongName stores the full readable name. Only spatial elements have a long name.

    For example: IfcSite may have a "Deposited Plan" number for the legal lot that it represents, so it may have a Name of "DP12345" and no LongName. An IfcBuilding may have a Name which corresponds to a facility management system or client-determined building name of "123FOO", whereas the LongName may be "123 Foo Street Vision Apartments". The IfcBuildingStorey, similarly will have a Name that matches what you see in architectural schedules, like 00, 01, 02, B1, etc, and a LongName of NULL if unnecessary or perhaps "Basement 01", or "Upper Mezzanine". The IfcSpace similarly will have a room number in its Name like "0010" perhaps that will correspond to architectural room numbers on a drawing or schedule, and will also have a room LongName like "East Substation" or what not.

    You can see an example of this official definition here: http://ifc43-docs.standards.buildingsmart.org/IFC/RELEASE/IFC4x3/HTML/lexical/IfcSpace.htm

  • Ah yes thanks. That's a very clear description you gave :). I thought messign with name vs longname was the reason elements don't show in an ifc-based app. Or...they show but on the same level...so there's an issue with spatial hierachy that is the actial problem. I'm not that versed into ifc but I try to fins the correct settings. Again your anser is great for the use of name vs longname!

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