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VI-Suite v0.7 has not been officially released yet but I have changed the install procedure for version 0.7, which could do with some testing. This version now uses Pip to install the required Python libraries and should make life much easier for me moving forward when Blender changes its Python version. This should now work on Blender 3.1. If you have time to test it then it would be appreciated. Further details can be found at the blog post below. Although not completely finished, LiVi, EnVi and FloVi all seem to be working OK.



  • @rgsouthall said:
    VI-Suite v0.7 has not been officially released yet but I have changed the install procedure for version 0.7, which could do with some testing. ..

    Thank you Ryan for you hard work with this App. This software should have more atention by the community. It is filling a current gap in the Open Source Envronmental Analisys field.

  • Thank you Ryan for your work on VI suite! This is the fastest simulation software I have used so far! it is simply astonishingly quick! Simplest of the lot to learn too. I am using VI suite 0.6* and I have a few feature requests for the next versions, if not immediately, kindly consider them in the long run. I have been using this for sunhours simulation, and all the below points are w.r.t that. I am posting it here as i have searched for a place to post these since some time now and haven't fond any foum. This is also no critisism, but my experience. Here it goes....
    1) Please make the sun path is available as a mesh. It dissappears evereytime and cannot be expoted to other 3d softwares.
    2) Kindly make the legend also available as a mesh. This is helpful when exporting the results to UE5 or other such softwares for rendering and overlaying with original BIM model.
    3) The legend dissappeares sometimes, i dont know if it is a bug.
    4) Results dissappears sometimes when blender is closed and opened and it needs to be generated again that takes the original amount of time for the simulation.
    5) Kindly make the sun hours values also available as mesh, this is useful to make reports by exporting the model to other softwares, now I rely on snapshots. Also, currently all the values make the model very heavy and it takes quite a bit of time to pan ( "display only vissible" helps).
    2) Blender has an issue with imported mesh as it triangulates them. This means that the mesh cannot be divided equally, so while performin sunhours simulation, the results are not always even. Is there a way to add grids manually by slecteing multiple surfaces ? if not, kindly consider the request of adding this as a feature in your addon natively. Currently I export .dae file > use alt+J > then use remesh. 90% of the mesh gets uniform. Alternatively if there is a better work flow, kindly let us know.
    I will add more points here in the coming days as I use the plugin as I dont remember all the issues that I am currently facing.
    Thanks again for this wonderful peice of simulation software :)

  • Hi.
    The forum is at https://groups.google.com/g/vi-suite

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