(FSF) Help us set high priorities for 2021: Send input by Jan. 8

Free Software foundation is updating their list of priority projects and has asked for input. What do we think their priority should be?
I say DWG read/write support continued development in the LibreDWG project, it's a big job. What other suggestions do people have?


  • Definitely - the 2D CAD community needs a lot of help. Until they are more mature, AutoCAD will continue to keep Autodesk afloat.

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    Uf... a FLOSS replacement for OpenDWG libraries has been in that list of priorities since 2008... and the only response so far has been LibreDWG.
    Is there any public statement of FSF about FreeCAD or BlenderBIM / OSArch's work for development of AEC open source solutions?

  • @bitacovir is it still on the list? I can't find it, but then I can hardly find my way around the lists of lists of lists.

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    @duncan I cannot find it either. The first time that the idea of development for a FLOSS alternative for DWG was published in that list was in 2008. I know because I wrote a blog entry about that. Two years later, the LibreDWG was mentioned in the list as a FLOSS project. I don't know if the project was deleted from the priority list later. But, I just warn you that the FSF list of priorities has had a limited impact in the current state of the current CAD format and software field.

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    @bitacovir I think the purpose of the list is to highlight areas which need help. I'm not sure if it makes sense to suggest OpenBIM projects like FreeCAD / BlenderBIM since from their perspective, work is already happening, and the community is growing. I get the impression that they're looking for really neglected stuff on their list.

    But yes - the unfortunate reality is that as an outsider I do get the impression that the list has a limited impact. I really hope I'm wrong...

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    Maybe not correct thread, but here goes ...
    Wanting to promote standard formats, STEP / IFC fit well into this category.
    Does anyone know what happened to the draughting parts of STEP ?
    Believe the hierarchy is :

    • ISO 10303 STEP standard
      • AP 242 – Managed model based 3D engineering
        • AP 201: Explicit draughting. (2D drawing geometry related to a product)
        • AP 202: Associative draughting. (2D/3D drawing with association, but no product structure)

    Link to FreeCAD Community Post on the subject

  • Interconnection and interoperability between FOSS software, IMHO this should be the main and highest priority for our FOSS software.

    Similar to PyFlow, Dynamo, sverchok, etc. Are a great example of the future, Interconnection and interoperability between software without additional code to create, or as LibreCAD developers said me, keep the project without affect others and maintain or freedom.

    The best use could be, for example, FreeCAD + LibreOffice, this mean a probable 3D design + automatic BOM documentation.

  • @Moult said:
    Definitely - the 2D CAD community needs a lot of help. Until they are more mature, AutoCAD will continue to keep Autodesk afloat.

    Also 1D and 0D, very necessary for MEP, generally we talk 2D tool for to including lines and points objects, but in other cases devs interpreted this for faces objects. Our best tool for lines and points is LibreCAD as alternative to AutoCAD but they look demotivated and I hope everyone support a merge between LibreCAD and FreeCAD in a future.

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