BlenderBIM import problem. Hey, is there anyone who know what this problem is about? I would like to deliver a project to a client as an IFC model. Unfortunately, my program that I use to design models IFC export/import does not handle very well. Therefore, it would be great if I could import it into BlenderBim to continue to create a correct IFC project with good BIM. I belive that my client only is going to handle the model in a viewer so I guess that BIM info I add in BlenderBim will have some meaning since it is not going back to the origin software. I build the project only with terrain models and 3D solids (except for some measurement) and get a pretty good result. The terrain models I upload to my excavator for use in the machine guidance system. The solid model I save as IFC and that model works well in all IFC viewers that I have tried . BIMvision, Solibri, Trimle connect. It also opens in Freecad but looks very strange. In BlenderBIM it does not open at all but shows an error report as the screenshot below shows. Since I struggle with everything that is digital, everything needs to be as simple as possible. Therefore, I feel that I must continue to build my terrain models in the software that I use today for the time being. What is great about that software for me is that I construct directly in coordinates. I'm just setting the drawing to the right coordinate system, altitude system, map projection. And then I just start constructing based on my measured (in real time, on sight, with the excavator) points. The model ends up in the right place right away and I don't have to think about Georeferencing at all. And can instantly upload it to the machine guidance system in my excavator and start digging. Wondering if this is what causes problems when importing into BlenderBIM, that my projects are created directly in the global coordinate system? (Image)


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