Blender BIM addon, Collections and export selected objects

Hi all,
I'm testing the 220516 version and find some issues with collections inside blenderbim ifc structure. In previous versions I tested (201207) create (or dran and drop) collections inside the IFC project structure in Blender Bim has no effect when exporting, and allow to maintain the outliner tree compact and organized.
In the new version, when I assign a class to a object, their reference in blender outliner tree moves inside the ifc project structure, and get a collection automatically assigned (you can see it in Object Properties tab/Collection). If you drag an drop the reference object in the outliner tree, automatically the collection asigned changes.
If you creates some collections inside the ifc project structure and drag and drop the objects inside them to organize your data, collection changes again but this create a bit problem because when you export yout model, objects with collection that is not referenced to ifc project structure (thas is IfcSorey, IfcBuilding, IfcSite, etc.) are created out of the ifc project structure (if you open the ifc file exported, these objects are not assigned to the ifc project structure. Some viewers can´t render this objects) so if you want to get a ifc file exported with a right ifc structure, you can't create collections inside the ifc structure in blender (for example, a Drainage collection inside IfcStorey to group this objects, collapse-it and reduce the size of the tree structure )

Another issue I found is when you want export only selected objects. In version 201207 you can select objects in blender outlainer tree and export them. Only the selected objects are exported. In version 220516, the same action always export the whole project.


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