Bulk Guess Quantities for IfcSpaces

I'm triing to write a script to populate Quantities for all IfcSpaces of an IFC model. I've seen that as a user I can do it through ObjectProperties/...IfcObjectQuantitySets and editing and pressing the 'Guess Quantity' button. Which method should I call when scripting to achive this.
As I can see in the info panel I should get the object, enable pset editing and then guess the quantity of a property. Is this a correct aproach?
Btw theres is API Documentation (or something similar) for IfcOpenshel Python and Blender BIM ?
Any clue would be apreciated!!


  • Hi @vbertran , if you want i created, in a new branch, two buttons in qto n-panel that basically apply guess quantities for every selected object (https://github.com/maxfb87/IfcOpenShell)
    Maybe the code can be useful for your purpose.
    Btw, guess quantity is only an approximation (sometimes wrong) to calculate quantities and @vukas is trying to improve this aspect.

  • Hi @Massimo ! Thank you very much for your response and the link. I'll take a look.
    I have also detected that guess quantity does not calculate allways right. As far as I know and in the case of IfcSpace WallAreas and CeilingAreas are not well computated.

  • Hey @vbertran , if you want to try, in the new release of BBim (yesterday) there are 2 new buttons that can help you.

    Also, when @vpajic will finish his work, there will be others calculations methods :-)

  • Great @Massimo! Thanks. As soon as I have the moment I'll check it. I'll late you know.

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