Use of Blender in visualising compactor machine data

Thought I'd share a cool use of Blender that inge_handagard on the BlenderArtists forums had showed me. He used BlenderBIM to automatically parse point data from a compactor machine when building a highway, and creates an IFC from them so that BIM users can see the results to ensure that the road is being properly compacted.

Shown below is the IFC opened in Navisworks (proprietary), which is how others might open the file. This process is run automatically every day, apparently!



  • It would be cool to have a easy way to integrate Arduino technology to blender for graphic visualization. Like firefly plugin for Grasshopper3D.

    Here another platform for graphic visualization of data (wind). Mini Airflow Tunnel Project.

  • Perhaps something for @nikitron ?

    The mini wind tunnel project looks awesome! Thanks for sharing @bitacovir !

    Just committed a new feature today for the BlenderBIM Add-on which allows you to colour-code objects by attribute or pset values. Might be helpful in some cases.

  • Cool stuff with mini wind tunnel. Thanks

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