Detect and fix Objects where the shell is not closed

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i got an ifc file from an architect (Archicad) and there are i few Objects where the shell is not closed. I found these with an other software and want to fix this.

Is there a possibility in BlenderBIM to
a. detect this errors and
b. fix these (with ease ;))

here a few examples:

Thanks for answers!


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    Can you share the ifc file? If not, can you share an pared-down version of the IFC file, one for example, that has only the errors in it.

  • This is not the OG file, but all 16 objects with errors.

  • FWIW in Blender there is an addon called 3D-print toolbox that is shipped with the vanilla download. If you activate it you'll get a handy panel in the right hand side region of the viewport that will let you check the mesh, and there is a "make manifold" button that might help you.

  • Thank you for the respond. It didnt work for me unfortunately.

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