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I am using Blender quite often to edit geometry based upon BIM-models, usually IFC, Speckle and dotBIM but find the interface difficult since the facades tend to hide a lot of the information and it is difficult to get a grasp of large models. I have tried to use hide/show, use section cuts and change transparency but it still difficult and I wonder what commands, tools, settings and plugins you use?


  • The plugin I find most useful is:
    Cad transform addon: (adds cad like movement and control)

    Otherwise a well organised model is the most useful tool for me (even though I fail at that often)

    When importing sketchup and revit ifc's I often recategorise the groups, classes,etc aswell because it comes in quite messy, but only as I am going through it not all at once.

    It's a slow process but it works out when you get used to it

  • Saved selection groups might help...

  • Saved groups was a great feature, thanks a lot!

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    Cool. That now begs the question, if selection IFC groups can be linked from one file to another? Similar how you import assets via the IFC Project Library.
    @vpajic, Would be sad if we couldn't import these glorious selection groups into other files. ;)

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    Since the query syntax is a character string (AFAIK), we could implement a way to selectively store them in the addon properties so they are available in all blend files. It would need to also store the query name or additional information I guess, to remember what it does ?

  • In my opinion this function is the answer to all the questions about scene organisation and more. It's a solution I proposed years ago for archicad and I'm really excited we have it in bbim now.
    All we need now is a better ui and we can use it to control displaying of construction phases, levels, renovations and much more.

  • I just wanted to add that I found change color and make objects non selectable is also useful.

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