Archipack and BlenderBIM - Hole for doors and windows

Hello everyone,
Someone has probably asked this question before, but I haven't found a solution to my problem. I have modelled a test house with Archipack, and I want to generate the IFC file using BlenderBIM, but I have a problem with the door and window holes. I have seen that each door and window object has, in its composition, a hole object, but I have not been able to assign an IfcOpeningElement class to this object. Maybe is it not possible? Do I have to create manually the hole for windows and doors and then assign the IFC class to this new object? I hope I have explained correctly and thank you in advance for your attention.



  • I'm interested too, AFAIK this is not possible with the current workflow.

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    In case anyone is interested, I also asked this question on the Archipack discord server and Stephen replied that it is possible to unlock the hole object contained in the door and window composition. To do this, it is necessary to make the hole "selectable" in the outliner. Once this is done, it is possible to assign the appropriate IFC class, and then create the IfcRelVoidsElement and IfcRefillsElement relationships to relate the hole with the door/window and the wall that contains it. I have tried this workflow and it works.

    Just a reminder that in order to assign IFC class to doors and windows, it is necessary to join the geometry that compose them (panels, handles, etc.).

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    Ah, nice ! Could you expand on how you create the void / fill relationship in blenderbim ?

  • It's quite simple. Once you've assigned the IFC class to the wall, the hole and the door/window, all you need to do is select the opening and the wall at the same time. Then simply go to Properties > IFC Geometry > IFC Voids > Add Opening.

  • Thank you ! Would you mind sharing the Blenderbim version you're using ?

  • Good question. I've been using version 0.0.220503. But, since you asked, I decided to try with version 0.0.230107 and I've seen that the workflow is different. In this case, you don't assign the IFC class to the hole first. You just assign the IFC class to the wall. Then you select both the hole and the wall and create the void.

  • Ooh nice, you're right. For anyone wondering, here's the workflow. SHIFT select the opening element, then SHIFT select the wall, go into BIM tool mode (Green cube on the left), and click on "Apply Void" or SHIFT + O

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