Jordans osl shader as boolean slice solution in blender

Blender could take advantage of Jordans osl shader to handle boolean slices, this is a CPU Cycles feature only solution, but it is able to properly fill the sections / and even support shadows.
Sample file


  • Very, very cool @stephen_l - I'll look at adding it as an additional feature. I won't remove the Eevee shader though, since that works well in real-time, whereas a Cycles approach won't be. That would be very good for people to create explanatory diagrams.

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    Real-time alternatives may be

    • Turn osl scripts into first citizen shaders in blender's rendering pipeline (unlikely to occurs soon).
    • Offscreen open-gl processing using a custom glsl shader - if ever opengl support such kind of ray travel hits analysis.
    • Create kind of blender mix node on c side that support such things out of the box. (trying to see if such approach is valid with a cycles dev)
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