Hi everyone!a PhD student in construction management

I am a PhD student in construction management. I am currently learning IfcOpenShell-Python. There are not many practical examples of this software at present, I hope I can learn a lot from everyone.



  • Welcome @shanmama !

    All of the code written for IfcOpenShell is open-source, so there are a lot of examples of it in use in the repository. In particular, look at:

    src/ifcblenderexport/blenderbim/export_ifc.py and import_ifc.py

    If you want a particular example of something, let us know and we can write an example for you :)

  • Wow!it is essential to our freshmen.

    And I found these examples are most of C++ files. Has it some python files? And the functions in IfcOpenShell are the same between C++ and Python?

    Thx !

  • Like these examples

  • AFAIK, these C++ examples don't compile anymore in recent IfcOpenShell versions (v0.6.0+).

    In the past, I pasted them in a new C++ project and could run most of them.

  • @StefanBoeykens is right - I think many of the C++ examples need to be updated.

    In addition, I've now documented a bit more of the Python bindings, which you can see here: https://blenderbim.org/docs/ifcopenshell-python/api-documentation.html

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