Geometry Modeling

Hi all,

I opened this topic to discuss about geometry and geometry related topics

Topics like Solid and Surface modeling, and also hybrid modeling which supports solid and surface paradigms together (common on the PLM industry)

File formats to choose the best schema that supports geometries well, like JT = STEP AP 242 (ISO 10303-242), like USD, like IFC, ...

And modeling methods, Top-Down and Bottom-UP


  • Good subject

    *Geometry is KING*

    Naming parts is less impromant than the structure provided.

    Conversions KILL stucture

    Therefore the whole oncept of BIM is still veru weak.

  • @magicalcloud_75 Hi Hans, happy see you hear.

    Yes, "Geometry is KING" and hope soon we all start a discussion about all paradigms and each one is good for which use case or use cases?

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