Building Enery Modelling (BEM) wiki article

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I would love to work with some people on this page. If myself often wanting to link to it for people in discussions, but it's really not good enough quality yet.

Who would like to help people learn more about BEM and save the planet from unnessary polution connected to our industry?



  • That is what I have been working with for more then 25 years. I would be happy to help you.

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    @duncan I would like to be in on the learning side for the environmental and also energy poverty reasons. Are you thinking about live sessions combined with some directed reading/research format?

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    Anyone and especially @Coen @Max @Nigel @Massimo @bitacovir I suggest you bookmark this post if you want to stay in the discussion.
    I think the first step is for us to organize the relevant pages we have on the wiki. So far I have this which should be a launching pad for everything else relevant on the wiki:
    A simple search on the wiki shows how much we have, and how poorly some of it is organized.
    On wikipedia there are wikiprojects which have a page to coordinate improving articles around a specific subjects and help people find answers and interested contributors. We could make one for the "OSArch Planetary Crisis Project" (a less alarming name might be okay).

    Me personally I cannot take the lead on this. I'm dealing with some long standing personal issues which require that I withdraw from responsibilities of any kind. But I find it hard to resist, as this post is beginning to show... . I'd be happy to share my ideas on how we can move forward, but I can't take the lead.

    Other people who I know would be able to contribute here are
    @topologic on how to create BEMs from inference
    @theoryshaw & @Moult on how to structure relevant data
    @teocomi on how to connect different software tools (and structure data) with speckle
    @Cyril on many things, especially ongoing industry initiatives
    That's the people that come to mind for me (but I might be a bit out of touch now)
    Please feel free to tag other relevant people with a note on their skills. Then we can we can request their input on relevant topics.
    Who is a skilled user of Ladybug Tools for relevant analysis?

    Hej @Nigel how about someone make a list of interesting topics and we could arrange for great speakers and plan a webinar series?

  • Hi @duncan, happy to contribute to this initiative and coordinate with participating actors. It is of particular interest to me because I am working on a project ( which aims to leverage the open source tech stack to build a versatile workflow for environmental analysis.
    I would need some help to set up the initial structure and the topics to cover. I tried to create a page but there seems to be a permission error. This is the message I'm shown -

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