Maximum number of Elements

Is there currently any limitation or a system variable to the number elements that can be opened with BB? I am trying to open a bigger project than my previous tests, however many items are not visible although visible in other IFC viewers.


  • Do you have any errors when opening? If not, does validating the file (just click on the following check) output any further errors?

    You'll have to look both things in the console (so launch Blender from the console if you weren't already).

  • There is a default limit of 30,000 elements being loaded. You can change it here:

  • Increasing the Element Count (60,000) did allow me to import the model in 1 action. I wasn't able to get the Object Limits function to work yet. I will try again to see if I can nut it out. When I tried to load project to load a 2nd group of objects the IFC file was not showing up. Could be a just a rookie error at my end. I need to look into the whole optimisation topic further as I believe my file is bloated (@1.2 Gb).

  • I have tried saving the project to a ###.blend file then tried to load the 2nd batch of objects. It is not giving me the option to select on .IFC file. I am wondering if this is a bug or if I am not following the correct steps?

  • A single blend must only have a single active IFC project loaded. If you want multiple projects in a single Blend, save them to different Blends, then use the Link IFC function to link those blends together.

  • Ok, will also give that a go as I am sure I will eventually need to learn that. With regards to loading the larger model (approx 60,000 elements), should I be loading that as a single model or is it preferred to process in batches? I can't seem to find the correct way to process a model in batches of objects. I can process the first batch say from 0 - 30000 but can't see how to process the 2nd batch from 30001 - 60000.

  • If you want different batches to be in different blend files change element offset to be 30000.

  • Ahh... ok. I think the penny has dropped. If I want break up a big model I use the in load function to create separate ##.blend files and Link those together. I think in this case I will leave as 1 big model but increase the number Elements. I will definately test the other method as well as I have no doubt that will come up soon. The documentation referred to for Large Models, it mentions that Filters can be used to specify which elements are processed, is that done through an additional .py script or is it done through the Load Project function? I think the file I recieved doesn't include any Group parameters data which is why that option is empty, it does have material parameters so I will give that filter method a crack.

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