File format

Hi all,

How can I build a new file format?

And how can I register it globally?

And if we have an specific file format, it should have specific compiler or something like that to read my file in different software?


  • And how can I register it globally?

    Are you talking of a patent? Those who are programmer can give you better advise. But I think you do not register it, unless you want a patent. if you want a format to share data with other software, you should use an already existing open format.

  • @bitacovir I have to search and find an article that was talking about how to build your own file format, and then register it globally.

    For instance Dion built a file format called .mpass so how can I build such one?

  • Anybody can create any file, even with a text editor, and rename the extension to whatever they want, such as .mpass to create a new file format. There is no need to register it.

    The .mpass file I created is simply a .json file - it is plain text and contains JSON data. So in fact what I did was establish a "schema", which uses an existing plaintext syntax - a convention of what data might be included in the JSON file.

    People create new file formats all the time. On Linux, file extensions are simply a convention, you can name it anything, some people don't even bother giving a file extension.

    @bitacovir is correct.

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